We are all in this together


There are many worries I could stress about prior to one of our gatherings, not least of which is everyone's safe travel to and from the event.  So many variables are at play, I don't let my thoughts go there since I believe worrying is praying for what you don't want.

And still, terrible things can happen.  When I got the call that Alena had been in a four-car pile up on her way to Squam by the sea, I was beside myself. 

photo above is Alena's car after the accident

However, the miracle is that despite her car being totalled, Alena's body and spirit are well.  To my absolute amazement, she came to the retreat and insisted on teaching-- which she did, beautifully.

Now, she is home and facing daunting medical bills from her stay at the hospital.  Kat Sweeney has put together a most wonderful way of us all to chip in so that Alena does not have to face this burden alone.  If each of us could give even just a little bit-- even $5 bucks-- collectively, we could lessen the pain of a most difficult situation that she is already going through.

We have all known times in our life when someone stepped in and helped us-- we are all in this life together and if you are in a place right now when you can offer Alena your support, I know she would be so deeply grateful.  What I cherish most about this community is how the smallest kindness, the lightest touch carries more power than we can possibly fathom.

Alena is one of the kindest, gentlest souls I have ever met.  If you have met her, you know this to be true.  If you have never met her, I wish for you someday to have that good fortune.

Meantime, if you can help, your contribution would be so very welcome.

bisous, e



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Aleece said:
This is beautiful. Let us ease burdens with light touches.
Two said:
Done! Thanks for posting this...feels right to be an angel and help, today of all days especially, because like you said "we are all in this together". xo Two
Michelle Farber said:
This is awe-some. Thank you for creating the space for our light touches. Love you all.
Teri S. said:
Thank you, Elizabeth and Kat, for providing a way to help one who has helped so many.

Bella said:
Beautiful. Thank you for this.
scamp (aka Shirley) said:
Everyday there is so much to be grateful for. Thank you for this reminder, and this opportunity to share my gratitude.
cat said:
Kat Sweeny--thank you for doing this. And thank you, Alena, for sharing your magic with us. xo
Diana said:
amazing! wonderful idea! : ) so happy to donate. I barely know this woman, but sat with her at lunch one day and had a nice talk. She is a sweet angel and I've been reading about her since I returned home. So happy to donate and so grateful she is okay.
Tingle said:
So perfect today, of all days, when i feel such gratitude for our freedoms and our voices. We are all in this together, i hope the sense of community we feel at Squam someday infuses the whole United States. Wouldn't that be a gift? So glad Alena is alive and well and so happy to know her sweet spirit.
Amanda Chea said:
Thank you Elizabeth for sharing and Kat for setting this up. I wish all the best to Alena.
michelle gd said:
oh no!

and...oh yes. will do.
Kat Knupp said:
I was in Alena's class on Thursday at Squam by the Sea and I could not believe she had experienced such trauma two days prior. She was so calm and centered and gentle with everyone. I'm more than happy to contribute and will spread the word. I imagine sales from her website would also help off-set costs for her.
Brightest Blessings Alena, and to all the Squam community,
ashley said:
so beautiful -- we can and we will. inspired by this and your amazing community here.
Alena Hennessy said:
You all -- thank you SO so so much. I am allowing myself to take it all in and filled with gratitude for your generosity and beauty. So touched. 53 donations have come in so far . . . all amounts . . . many people I know, some I do not. It fills me to the brim. I will let you know as soon as it reaches the goal and so Kath can close it. Love you all.
Karen said:
Hi..just got around to seeing this. I went to donate but it was closed. If you need anything else, please let me know..

sending peace and blessings
Sze Chua said:
I didn't know about the accident until I wonder around Alena's facebook just now! I'm so glad that you're alright!
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