Thea Coughlin

Thea Coughlin

Thea began her career as a teacher, and is now a successful photographer living in Upstate NY with her son and husband.  Her background in anthropology, biology and teaching all feed her deep compassion for life, people, connections and the natural evolution of things.

Being a visual learner, she uses photography to understand love, life, her role as a mother, and the people close to her. Her photography business grew out of a desire to help others be able to do the same.

Whether it is an individual, a family, or a group, Thea connects with her clients, stands witness to the light within them and then reflects back what she sees with her photographs. She loves nurturing and supporting others to gently move into new and unchartered territory.  The photography session serves as a catalyst for the process of personal evolution, transformation and growth. The resulting photographs are intended to serve as a memory token of the experience of being fully seen as well as validation that change has occurred.

As she explores her role both as family historian and catalyst on a deeper level, her insatiable desire to empower and share brings her full circle back to teaching others what she has learned.

Thea thrives on the connection with people, whether she is photographing them, teaching or both.

In addition to her portrait and commercial photography business, Thea has also collaborated as photographer on book projects with Sarah Ahearn and Samantha Cotterill. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines including: Country Living, Somerset Studio, Where Women Create, Connection and Healthy Life. When Thea is not photographing commercial jobs, clients or teaching photography, you may find her hiking in the woods with her husband and son, climbing trees, riding her bike with the wind in her hair or laughing with those she loves.