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We may not be sentimental here in squamlandia, but heck if we don’t love starting new traditions.

Inspired by Heather who mentioned at the Rav board that Venus, the one and only love goddess planet, is crossing in front of the sun the night before we open the doors to our Spring session (it’s a pretty cool event—one that won’t happen again for another 105 years) so we thought we’d catch the wave of its energy and kick-off a love banner project.

Over the past five years, we have amassed quite a few love notes, cards and letters as well as some pretty fabulous envelopes.  Our idea is to string them all together into a great, tiered banner and hang it over the threshold of each squam session.  And, we would love it if you wanted to send in some love notes, words of encouragement—any kind of good juju to be sprinkled over the heads of people as they enter the gathering.

Each year, right about this time (i.e. as we head into the month of February when so many thoughts of love and kindness are zipping about) we will open a call for additions to the banner.  And, much like ornaments on a tree—we will add to it annually and revel in rediscovering old favorites.














If you would like to participate in this year’s love banner project, here’s all you need to do:

1.  pull out your favorite creative tools (paper, paints, yarn, fabric, ribbons, tape—whatever YOU most love to play with).

2.  take a moment to think of the love note or words of encouragement YOU would most love to receive

3.  create something in the range of 2" x 3" to 5” x 7” (we’re not picky but you know, not too large, not too small) with the intention of your message. 

4. Please note the YEAR somewhere on your piece

5.  send it to:  squam, the love banner, P.O. Box 2653 Providence, RI 02906

6. We will share photographs of what you send us and hope that that banner grows rich with messages of encouragement, inspiration and love (trucker humor is also welcome).

And, on this day that celebrates a visionary of such heart, courage and conviction—we say, thank you for making the world a better place by holding kindness and compassion uppermost in your heart.

Bisous, e


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Molly Dunham said:
oh elizabeth, do i have a little bit of love to send your way. thank you for the open invitation!
amy said:
Thanks for the invite. I know just what words I would want/need to see.
Celia said:
This is fantastic!! Mine will be on the way soon! This Fall will be my first time at Squam....but I would still love to contribute.
stefanie renee said:
ya! i will totally do this - love this idea and all the art :)

jen gray said:
Thank you! IT will be so nice to have little pieces of you to decorate this love banner...Thanks so very much..

BIG love to you !
jen gray
elizn said:
what a lovely idea!!! a string of valentines to link each session and each other!!
Judy Dziadosz said:
Love this idea. I adore making themed banners with bits and pieces from my vast stash. Thoughts are running thru my mind.

thea said:
This is a beautiful idea.
Eileen said:
Ooooh, I so want to do this!! On it!! :)
luna said:
simple and beautiful
Judy Dziadosz said:
If we are a few days late, can our tag, etc still be included? In other words, I am behind in many things! It is on my list but the days go by and the list is not getting shorter as soon as I had hoped.

DDD me!!

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