Teacher Feature: Gudrun Johnston (redux)

Not sure that I can write a better introduction to the lovely Gudrun Johnston than I did last year, but where I can't exceed in admiration, I can now add in some nuance previously hidden to me:  she loves snow.

Loves.  Snow.

This is slightly problematic for me as -- seeing I am her neighbor to the southeast, her strong wishes for a very white and snowy winter is in direct conflict with my ardent wishes to the universe for a mild and sunny January through March.

This weekend?  The forecast seems to be leaning in her favor, alas.  (We are battening down the hatches as I type).

Of course, despite my desire to stick ducktape over her mouth each time she announces to the world she is 'ready for some snow, thank you very much'-- I can never be irritated with her because she is Gudrun. 

And the one thing you need to know about Gudrun is that she is fun. 

Really fun. 

Easy going, always open-hearted and full of appreciation. Basically, she is just great to hang out with and I always look forward to the chance to do just that.  The weekend before last, we were a bit of two star-crossed lovers as she landed in Providence to teach at the Slater Mill just as I boarded a train to spend the weekend getting silly in NYC.

Oh well-- at least I have some new info about her to share with you all and, with any luck, we will be able to hook up here in Provy before we reconnect in June.  Here's what she had to say to my latest round of questions.

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What gets you through rough winter days?

Well this year it’s knowing that I’m going to spend a couple of weeks in France in July with all my family. Thankfully I don’t have too many rough winter days though!

Favorite winter sport? (knitting in front of fire does qualify)

I actually really enjoy walking in our woods the most in the winter, no bugs, space through the leafless tress, low winter light and usually snow to crunch under my feet! Not technically a sport but about as close to winter related exercise as I get!

A New Year's resolution that has never made it to February?

One resolution that has been recurring the past few years and not making it past January has been my resolution to bring yoga back into my life on a regular basis…. not sure why this has failed…and yes it’s my resolution again this year…. so far so good!

What's a scent that brings you back to childhood?

One scent in particular that will always remind me of my childhood and my mum is the smell of geraniums. She always had these on sunny windowsills in every house we lived in.

Favorite snack to keep you warm this winter?

This counts as a snack and a meal in our house during the winter months-Hot Yogurt Soup! Green lentils, garlic, ginger, lots of spices, yogurt, cilantro and spinach. So delicious and yet healthy too!

UPDATE:  due to the requests, HERE is the recipe for Gudrun's hot yogurt soup!

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Thank you, Gudrun!  Of course, as you know, her husband David is joining us this Spring as well-- so it remains to be seen if her traditional Friday night dance on the dock in her pink crochet lederhosen will go on as usual . . .

bisous, e




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Giusy said:
snow or not you are smart, beautiful, capable, bearer of beautiful soul, both. :)
Huge and kisses and you can't imagine how much I would love to be there in June.
Michelle F. said:
Looking forward to meeting Gudrun in June! I am drooling over the idea of hot yogurt soup! Any chance I can get a recipe?

Laura McKenna said:
Wish I could be there in June. Sending snowy thoughts to Gudrun as we wait on Winter Storm Nemo. :)
Mary Kennedy said:
Yes! Looking forward to June.... The hot yogurt soup sounds wonderful! I would love if you would be so kind to share your recipe?
elizabeth said:
Hi Mary-- yes! I have asked Gudrun to share the recipe for the hot yogurt soup as I have had quite a few emails asking for it, too-- stay tuned!
Gudrun said:
Well funnily enough I posted the recipe for this soup back in the Fall on
my blog

elizabeth said:
hi everyone! Gudrun's recipe for the hot yogurt soup is now LINKED above where she talks about it-- xo,e
Mary Kennedy said:
Thank you for sharing the recipe...just in time for making a big batch of it for the weekend!
cat chin schwartz said:
mmmm... and now i want something warm and lentil-y for lunch! :)
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