Teacher Feature: Franklin Habit (redux)

So, last year, I had never met Franklin.  Now that I have, I'm happy to report all the rumors are true.  If you want to take your knitting to the next level with a smart, kind, funny teacher who also happens to be prolific in chronicling his adventures

Given his tendency to share all the details of his journeys in knitting, I was a bit nervous about what he might share given that he had a most hairy, rahter heavy-breathing late-night visitor at his cabin.  But,  he actually recounted his time on the lake in a most lovely way and not once did he mention what a bear smells like when they get all up in your grille.

So, discretion.  Add that to his long list of fine qualities.

But seriously -- Franklin brings a triple threat to the classroom in that he knits, designs and will make you laugh.

all photos courtesy of Franklin Habit

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What (besides knowing that Squam comes up in June) gets you through rough winter days?


What's the most memorable bumper sticker you've ever had to stare at?

WARNING: IN CASE OF THE RAPTURE I’M TAKING YOUR YARN. (Memorable because it was on a car that happened to pull in front of mine on a highway in Missouri, and I designed the bumper sticker.)

What's one thing you would never leave your house without?

Knitting and Emergency Backup Knitting.

Weirdest thing you've said lately?

Thank you, but I’ve had enough cookies.

Favorite winter sport? (knitting in front of fire does qualify)

I live in Chicago, so it’s staying upright in a gale on an icy sidewalk.

A New Year's resolution that has never made it to February?

No cookies. No cookies except on weekends. No more than one cookie per day.

What's a scent that brings you back to childhood?

Sweat. (I was a nervous kid.)

Best music for cozy nights in?

Jo Stafford. If you haven’t heard her, you should. A lush voice, perfect phrasing, and a big band backing her up.

Something you never thought you'd be good at, but surprised yourself?

Lifting weights. (Unexpected bonus: Allows me to eat more cookies.)

Favorite snack to keep you warm this winter?



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Janelle said:
Cute interview. Makes me wonder if 'cookie' is a euphemism for something though. :)
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