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Squam by the Sea 2012 by Kate Inglis (from Squam on Vimeo)

It is so hard to believe that one week after our gathering on the Outer Banks, whole roads were washed out and towns hit so hard by Sandy.  As you can see from the video above, when we were there, the weather was full out summertime sweet and the beach was a haven of peaceful, healing energy.

Thanks to Kate Inglis, we have one last little glimpse of our time in that beautiful place.  During the weekend, a few brave souls ventured in front of the camera to share their perspectives with Kate who asked questions including:

"How does it feel to be at Squam?"

"Creatively, what gets you stuck?  And then, what gets you unstuck?"

(One note, the necklaces people are referring to was a surprise gift from TRACEY DUNCAN who brought 80 unique, handmade necklaces for each one of us.  Uncannily, each necklace had a message that seemed to find its way to the exact person who needed it most.)

KATE INGLIS "I came home feeling stirred-up, hardly able to speak about it all for how it comes out. Squam was a big bang. It was a lot of sitting companionably with shadows, and playing, and hard work. It was unexpected. It was a company of women, sheet lightning that always flashes back."

Thank you, Kate!  And thank you to everyone who shared-- I know that is hard to do.

bisous, e



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Teri S. said:
Thankyouthankyouthankyou, Kate Inglis, for such a beautiful video! Seeing and listening to all the beautiful, creative women took me right back to that amazing week. Squam continues to transform me.
lisa parks said:
L.McG.-E. said:
What a beautiful video and wonderful to see people I feel I know like beautiful Gerry and Bella. One day. One day I will be able to make one of these workshops and meet you all.
Gerri Smalley said:
I'm so full... so much love and beauty... eternal gratefulness... xxO
Bella said:
I love this! Brings me back to that weekend and those moments....
Kristin Vance said:
OH My Goodness, Thank you for this beautiful footage, I have been missing all of the beautiful women teachers and friends, I was able to connect with, and want all of them know I appreciate them and will not EVER forget them.
This experience was and still is one of the sweetest experiences I have had.

JessicaB said:
Such radiance and truth and love. Thank you for being there Ll of you, and for capturing this Kate
sharyn said:
I am so disappointed to have missed this beautiful experience but traveled in spirit to the sea. Seeing all the breathtaking photos helps. Thank you for sharing.
jessica siciliano said:
i am in tears and have chills...this brought me right back to our week together. i will miss you all but keep you all in my heart. xoxo.
michelle gd said:
thank you for sharing this wonderful video, this beautiful glimpse. i am siting here smiling...
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