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A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting at a dinner party when I got to be a fly on the wall of a conversation that kind of knocked my socks off (full disclosure:  my feet were already bare in flip flops).

Sarah asked Asya why she would travel all the way up to New Hampshire for just one night to sell her wares at the Squam Art Fair and Asya said it "was best fair experience" she'd ever had.  I had no idea.  This from a woman whose work is in ABC Home and is no stranger to many exceptional art & gift fairs including the New York Gift Show! Sheesh.  Well, I can tuck it next to the statement I was given a couple years ago from a California artist who said, "one night at Squam is better than two days at Unique in L.A."

How can that be? I'm not sure-- but the way I picture it is that somehow there is an intensity, a potent reduction sauce, as it were-- of amazing people; gorgeous, hand-made items all brought together for a very short amount of time (in an absolutely spectacular location) that results in something deeply good.

I honestly don't know how the fair has grown to be a not-to be missed event, but I think part of it is that the vendors come from around the globe (this year we have Heather Moore of skinny la minx traveling in all the way from South Africa!), part of it is that the vendors' work is exceptional and I am thinking the free beer doesn't hurt . . but that might just be me.

This fifth annual Fall 2012 Squam Art Fair is gonna more of the same and, maybe even a wee bit better-- so if you are in the area and up for a very special evening-- we would love it if you wanted to join us!   

Doors open at 7:30 pm


Vendors here.

DIRECTIONS right here.

see you at the fair!

bisous, e




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cal said:
*potent reduction sauce* is a perfect analogy! i can add to the list of comparisons that "one night (just 2.5 hours!) at Squam is better than a whole weekend at Renegade Brooklyn or 12 hours of a BUST Craftacular!". and those are both truly awesome craft fairs...
elizabeth said:
oh Cal-- that just blows my mind. seriously.

maybe I should start serving champagne instead of beer?
Judy said:
Same as Cal, the phrase "potent reduction sauce" is intriguing as well as so on point as to the Art Fest and Art Camp. If I could only write as well or even half as well. Either way me thinks this descriptive and unique phrase needs to be either screen printed, embroidered, painted, appliqued, letter pressed or stenciled onto something Squammie. I am already thinking of a banner and fabric appropriate enough! I have attend lots of craft fairs in my time and Art Fest is above all. Off to the ATM!

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