Kelli Siegwart

"On the ride home my mind and my heart were full.  My soul replete.  Squam had been everything it promised to be and more."


Diane MacDonald

"I'm not at all sure how it was done, but somehow, Elizabeth, who organizes Squam, managed to place me with some of the best cabin-mates possible.  The time and experiences I had with them was so comfortable.  It felt as if I was spending time with old friends, not brand new ones.  You know how we always say "let's be sure to keep in touch" ?  Well, I truly believe that it will happen with these women and I hope to be reunited with them at Squam next year."

Jessica Marshall Forbes


"I realized during my time at SAW was that slowly over the past few months, in the wonderful daily busy-ness of having a baby, my creativity felt just beyond my grasp.  I feel reconnected to that part of myself after being at Squam and I want to thank you and your wonderful staff and teachers for that. It is such a special event, these workshops, and it really changes peoples' lives."


Alena Hennessey

"the retreat had started off with so many sweet notes. The bonds of friendship that are made at a place like Squam are completely unique and life-long."


Jennifer Finn

"I'll just say that it truly was the best time of my life.  I made wonderful new friends.  I learned from the most incredible teachers.  I found new and exciting ways to express the conceptual ideas within my artwork.  I saw a fox, and a luna moth that brought tears to my eyes, and heard a loon on the lake. 

I was so scared to go but now I feel brave.  And excited for what my future as a creator holds."


Melynda Bernardi

"Squam was just as amazing as you would have imagined.  The setting, the crafting, the company- truly top notch."


Franklin Habit

"I do not usually look like this, and cry a little when it's time to leave it all behind. Thanks, Squam."


Camille DeAngelis

"Everything seemed doable again and I felt loved and serene and nourished. It's the kind of contentment you can only reach by spending four days in the woods making art with 200 friends.."

Asya Palatova (Gleena)

"I was there for just a night, tiptoeing out with first light to head back to the studio, but it still felt like a vacation. I met incredible open-hearted people, passionate about making art a big part of their life. I felt lucky and honored to be there. Thank you."



Maya Donenfeld

"The architecture and atmosphere of each classroom at Squam is totally unique. I love making it an inspiring and creative space filled with banners and flowers... and then watching how the content of what we are doing interacts with the environment. "


Elizabeth Duvivier

"Do I tell you I feel a deepening here of a community that has taken root, a group of people who stay in touch and support each other through the year and then are every bit as welcoming, gracious and openhearted to people venturing to the lake for the very first time?"

Jen Gray

"…and to feel my heart so full, so stuffed with joy and gratefulness because of it all...well, it just makes me feel like i have been doubly blessed a hundred times over.





Christine Chitnis

"…to be gifted with a break, away from home, away from chores and responsibilities, is truly a luxury.  That, combined with the amazing community of women, is the reason that Squam keeps drawing me back.  The added beauty lies in reconnecting with nature- breathing deep and inhaling the lushness."


Alyssa Gunderson (Aurora Shoe Company)

"What I didn't capture, and want most to share, are the people.  SAW attracts some of the most creative, sensitive and supportive women (to be fair, there were a few men there, and they were also lovely).  My mom and I both felt very welcomed and honored to be a part of this magical event."



Helene Dujardin

"Squam is taking a moment in time for yourself. And doing something to be shared. A moment to meditate. A moment to breathe… Squam is waiting for you... And I can't wait to be back teaching cooking and food photography classes for the Fall session!"



Christine Jablonski

"I just returned from that fabulous retreat you and your team put together. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but it was incredible! I came home needing to MAKE ART EVERY DAY. This is no longer an option. I really cannot envision not coming back. There are so many gifted teachers I want to learn from!  The attention to detail was exquisite--from the site selection to the notes in the cabins. My friend and I marveled non-stop about how the experience was completely perfect."





Amanda Blake Soule

"When you combine a beautiful lakeside New England place, inspiring teachers, ridiculous amounts of woolen goodness (oh, the knits!), several hundred creative women (with a few men!), and a few very special little babies....well, the result could be nothing short of spectacular. The result, of course, is Squam."




Michelle Farber

"First let it be said that summarizing a Squam Art Workshops experience is about as easy as capturing the grand canyon in a photograph. It has been done, for sure, but as much as I want to share the magic with friends, and family, and here, it is never going to be quite as good as the real thing. It is just so much bigger than I can represent within any kind of reasonable parameters.  That being said, it is worth it to share a glimpse. It was my third time, and it was as electrifying as the first."


Rebecca Ringquist

"It was my third year at this retreat, and it was the best year so far.  It was such a treat to be with 200 other women who were unbelievably kind, helpful, and warm...It was the best Squam yet, and I did not want to leave."

Kathleen Paulus

" It was f#&$*@# awesome...I love SAW like an aligator loves small dogs. It is wonderful and I can't imagine not going every year."


Jonatha Brooke

"SQUAM busts my heart wider open every time. I am twelve again when I'm in the woods in these historied cabins with like minded sprites. I'm sure I've said it before, but these retreats have brought me to kindreds I never dreamed I would find. Women who "get it" - ALL of it, whatever IT is at the moment.."



Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

"I love them. I love Squam. Today, there is laundry, and no groceries, and an exploding inbox, and a dirty bathroom - but before this, there was a lake, and clever students, and a beautiful space and ... I love Squam.  I wish you'd been there."


Leigh Paradise

"Thinking back, I am filled with satisfaction that I did this great and awesome thing that I never would have done before. Next time, though, I think I'll bring my boys."


Amy Gretchen Maher

"Time stood still as you walked in the living room and took it all in -- the smell, the warmth -- and remembered what it was like back in September. You had this moment of panic wondering how this experience would compare to last fall (it was so amazing) and then you realized it would be exactly what it needed to be -- and it was."


Amy Hood

"I didn't realize how quiet my brain had become until the drive home. It had switched back on fully by the time I reached Boston. That quiet in my head, what a gift."


Bonnie Sennott

"To me, the Squam spirit can be summed up in one word: YES. Yes to honoring the creative spirit in all of us. Yes to community. Yes to nature. Yes to beauty. Yes to taking time to restore and renew our energies.

The Squam spirit lives on each time I pick up needle and thread, pen, yarn, camera... as it does, I'm sure, for each person who was there. It's great to know we are part of a nurturing community dedicated to creativity and beauty."



I really can not find the words to express my experience at Squam. It's just such a magical place with filled with magical experiences.

Emily Proudfoot

The beautiful thing about going to squam is that it affords you the time and space to just create and be. The classes and teachers inspire, no matter the medium or topic.

Amanda Blake Soule

"The one thing I can say right now with enthusiasm and certainty is that if you're in the position to be considering attending Squam - either this fall or next year, but are on the fence for whatever reason - because you don't know anyone else going, because you're not sure it's worth the money, because you're not sure you'll gain anything from it - well, my strong and gentle words of advice are to hop right off that fence and GO. Magic happens there, I tell you...and in my experience at least, that magic can come in unexpected and beautiful ways."

Maya Donenfeld

"These were wonderful times for connection and an opportunity to build new friendships. After spending the last year and a half very attached to my computer for work and community, it was wonderful to meet people in real time. Although I feel grateful for this virtual revolution happening in the art and craft world, I miss looking into someone's eyes when I speak to them. I need this. We all do."