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Once upon a time, I lived on the side of a mountain above Squam Lake.  I had a little blog with a few lovely readers, one of whom was Christina Rosalie.  Over the years we became good friends and she even dared to drive over for a weekend visit which was pretty brave when you remember none of us used our real names back then and I lived at the end of a two-mile dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

But if there is anything I know about Christina is that she is both brave and daring.

This fall, Christina released her first book, A FIELD GUIDE TO NOW and it reveals so much about her wildly adventurous heart.  If you can believe it (and I followed along from the sidelines so I know this is true but I still have trouble believing it), Christina began writing this book after the birth of her second child and finished it while completing graduate school.

Yeah, it boggles the mind.

And yet, as she says in the video above, "A Field Guide to Now really is the book I would want to hand to any new mother because it is proof that you can do it."

I asked Christina if she would record herself answering some questions because I feel like someone who only reads her blog would not see the full picture of who she is and I wanted people to get to know her better.  On her blog she can be so earnest, so serious in her quest for creating a deeply satisfying and authentic life.  What you may not see as clearly, though-- is how wildly vibrant and goofy she is and that is one part of what I love most about her shining, poetic spirit.

The video is a little over nine minutes long.  She wanted to cut it down, but I wouldn't let her.  So much good is in there-- about her first writing class with Pam Houston, about her favorite times of day and about how she managed to write this book in and around an exceedingly full life.

"at the end of the day, being creative is more important than laundry," says Christina.

Sometimes we all need that reminder and the encouragement that this book provides.  If you, or someone you know, needs some support to manifest their creative dreams in 2013, this small volume might be the perfect gift.  Click here for full details on where to get a copy.

Meantime, take a few minutes to hang out with my lovely friend Christina in the video above.  I really can't imagine a better way to start my Monday unless, of course, she were here with me in person, both of us savoring a fabulous, frothy latte and talking passionately about those things that matter to us most:  life, love and the pursuit of creativity.

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Jennifer said:
This was the perfect way to start the week. Christina is so lovely and her book is AMAZING! I have gone back to re-read so much of it because I want to let it all sink in. I love hearing her talk about her book and through this video I can see all of the passion, and love, and heart that lies between those pages. Bravo!!!
colleen attara said:
Really enjoyed this interview. Perfect for this Monday after Thanksgiving.
You can see all Christina's goodness and creative spirit. Thank you for sharing.
shari said:
loved this video. hi christina!
michelle gd said:
holy sweetness...so fun to listen to christina answer these questions, to hear her voice, to see her smile
thea said:
What a brilliant idea! I loved listening to this....I have admired christina's writing for years and meeting her in person was so fun! She is delightful. Love that you allowed everyone to get a glimpse into her lightness. xoxox

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