We came to see if the stories we'd heard, the photos we'd seen-- if it were all true.

Friends, Romans, countrymen .. . it's better than true.  Stay tuned for photo overload.

Vineyards, olive groves, horses, monastary, beach, gelato, amazing hospitality, ancient ruins-- it is, in four words:  a bit of heaven.  Michelle and I have spent the last four days checking out this amazing part of Italy where we will be hosting our first-ever European squam in Morro d'Oro.  Between us, we have taken over 1,500 photographs.  We've also been completely overhwhelmed by the throughtfulness and endless hospitality of the people here. 

As can happen in such a place of natural beauty where the pace is slow and sweet, internet can be sketchy.  So please be patient with us.  We can't wait to share all that we have experienced with you!

bisous, e




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Karen said:
Stunning!! I have to add getting my arse on a plance to my DDDare list!

Safe travels home

michelle gd said:
so happy to hear that you're having a fabulous time! how could you not, in italia?! can't wait for any forthcoming tales/photos...
Judy said:
I so can't wait to see all 1500 photos. It seems so enchanting and I can vision walking through those yellow flowers. I so wish I could come along.

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