Squam Store : Sarah Ahearn's Inspiration Kits

In the video above there's a moment when I am playing around with the goodies from Sarah's Inspiration Kit and I say, "oh man, this is calming me down . . ."

And there it is.

For me-- perhaps for you-- engaging with a creative pursuit (whether it is knitting, sewing, painting, playing with papers and tape, doodling in a sketchbook, singing, dancing-- yoga, etc) is the best way to get centered, to shake off the stress energies that can so easily build up in any given day.

And so-- we have this beautiful inspiration kit for you--- my only regret with the video above is that you couldn't truly see all the goodies that are in each packet -- and, of course, you can't feel the love and thoughtfulness that Sarah puts into each one.  But it is there, I assure you.

Right now, I am typing to you from one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life:  Morro d'oro in Abruzzo.  Am taking photos and photos and photos and will be sharing here at this blog in the coming days.

More soonest--

bisous, e



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Amanda Chea said:
Once again, I think you and Sarah both are fabulous! I don't care what you say about your video ;)
sarah ahearn bellemare said:
thanks, e! you are cracking me up with that tape. i'm so excited these packs are flying off the shelves and i cannot wait to package up more and get them out in the world :) xoxo
michelle gd said:
such a fun and silly video to make me smile at the end of my day :)
and sarah's inspiration kit...gotta git me one!
Teri S. said:
I listened to Sarah talk about the process of writing her book, Painted Pages, at Spring Squam last year and realized that I could probably improve my creativity by working with something other than yarn. So I bought her book and read it but didn't do anything with it because I had no clue what to do (art supplies intimidate me!). This store offering is perfect because it will help get me started. And I'll be taking her online course as well.

Thanks for providing all this yummy, creative goodness!
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