our squam stories

The truth is, your stories are why we do what we do.

There are so many aspects to the squam experience-- the teachers! the classes! the beauty! the food! the people! the fun! the knitting! the painting! the singing! the dancing! the early morning walks! the late-night chats! --


It is easy to get overwhelmed by sensory overload. But, at the end of the day, there is one, core reason all of this matters: you feel different, better, more expanded, lighter, more awake, perhaps more vulnerable but definitely more clear, when you head home. 

We have read this truth over and over in the letters you send us, in your e-mails, and the blog posts where you share how it unfolded for you at squam.

These stories are a continuous source of inspiration to us and we want to make sure you have them, too.

As we were working to update this website last Fall, Elizabeth kept talking about her box of letters and how she wanted these to be part of the collective shared memory and so we created the Stories and Images section. This is where you will find a collection of squam experiences. If you take the time to read through these, you will hear straight from the heart stories-- the best kind, really.  

We know that for many, coming to squam is a very big decison. It is often tangled with excitement and nervousness, with a heaping spoonful about concern of the unkown. We also know that it helps so much to hear how others felt before coming, and be witness to the lasting effects it had on their lives afterwards.

This month we received two new stories from Valerie Van Galder and Jennifer Belthoff.


Valerie: "When I first read about Squam I knew it was the experience I had been waiting for, possibly forever. And, when I arrived I felt for perhaps the first time in my life that I had found my tribe. Beautiful, artistic souls, gathered to create and share, and to take a few days just to be themselves."  Valerie's story continued here...


Jennifer: "My shyness was with me each step of the way as I quietly tried to find my place. There were moments when I felt like I did not belong, so I did the only thing I knew how to do; listen and observe.  What I saw was pure beauty." Jennifer's story continued here...


We hope you will find yourself in these stories as all of us share so many of the same desires and concerns.

And, if you did enjoy these, take a moment to share yours with us (yes, please!) as there are so many who will benefit from hearing the details of your specific adventure.

xo, jen





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melanie said:
Hi! I was in Val's first cabin in 2010 and she is a wonderful person! This is great to have people's stories of Squam. I'm still sad I can't make it this year... I hope it's as lovely as ever!
Amanda Chea said:
These are both beautiful stories. Thank you both for sharing them.
michelle gd said:
such wonderful stories to read.

i have been meaning to visit the "stories and images" section of this space...
Alisha said:
Very inspiring... looking forward to my first Squam experience this fall.
Karen said:
Love hearing these stories. I know and love Jennifer and she was a big part in helping me last year in NC. Can't wait to experience some more Squam goodness..

francesca di leo said:
jennifer i love what you said, "Squam brings us together, holds us tight, and then sends us off into the world with an enormous cheering squad. Squam is light and dreams come true".... beautifully said. and soo so true.
Thea said:
such beautiful sharing. xoxo
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