Teacher Feature: the one (the only) Yarn Harlot

There's a magical place where much kntting, laughing, yarn ogling and drinking of beer may or may not happen-- and no, I am not talking about squam (although we do our fair share of all that) but this is a place that exists all year round where fabulous women gather on a Wednesday night for Knit Night at Lettuce Knit in Toronoto.  And, at the center of that talented group is one of the most quietly brilliant artists who dazzles us all with the wit of her writing, the ingeniousness of her knitting skills and her down-to-earth, genuine warmth:  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

And, let's not forget -- a New York Times bestselling author!

Where were you born?

I was born at Peel Memorial Hospital in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.  I've always wished it was somewhere considerably less mundane, and have tremendous jealousy directed towards people born on boats or in mountain cabins - because it seems so auspicious,  but there you have it.  A suburban hospital.  Nothing I can do about it. 

What was your favorite dessert as a kid, and what is your favorite now? 

I'm more of a savoury type than a sweet (this should surprise no-one) so when I was a kid my favourite dessert was cheese. As an adult, I'd still rather have cheese, but if forced to be traditional I'd take creme brulee. 

What is the best way to spend a Sunday morning?  

Coffee, knitting, reading.  All at the same time.  

Who is a hero in your life?

I know this is going to sound dorky*, but it's my mum. She's brilliant, kind, fair, has a razor sharp wit, and is wise and funny.  She fiercely raised four kids by herself, while working and simultaneously putting herself through university at night- and graduated at the top of her class. I adore her, and although she's tiny, I'd bet on her in any cage match in the land. (ed. note:  so lovely, anything but dorky)

What are three of your most favorite scents?

Just three?  The way a brand new baby smells right on the top of their head. Lilacs, when you're out for a walk in the spring and it's been raining, and I adore the smell of an unwashed fleece, freshly shorn.  

What song or Cd is currently getting alot of play time at your house? 

David Byrne and Brian Eno's album "Everything That Happens Will Happen Today" 

In fact, I think my husband is probably going to hide it soon. 

What is something you are really good at? 

Luggage Tetris.   


Thank you, Stephanie!

Of course we would add that you are also really good (read, amazing!) at: making us laugh, knitting gorgeous things and writing in such a wonderful way it always feels like we are right there alongside of you.

In your honor, we have created this little tongue twister and we challenge anyone to say it five times fast!

Which Knit Night Knitter
knits a tight-knit sweater
pens a well-writ letter
all whilst keeping her sh-t together?

bisous, e




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scamp (aka Shirley) said:
I would just like to add that in addition to all of Stephanie's skills listed above, she is an excellent teacher. She includes history and science and fascinating tidbits about wool and silk along with her dry wit and unparalleled knowledge of technique. AND if you ever get a chance to see her on one of her book tours, don't pass it up. She never misses a beat as she delivers knitterly wisdom and humor. (No, I wasn't paid to say this, and yes, I'm a member of the fan club!)
Karen D said:
this makes me want to take up knitting.. I have to get to Spring Squam some year and hang with the knitters.. maybe someone will take pity and show me how..

lovely to meet you Stephanie..

Karen D
Kathleen said:
I'm a huge fan of Stephanie and her writing and her storytelling -- the thing I like best about her, though, is that at her book events she makes eye contact with every person for whom she signs a book, and she manages to make you feel like you're seen and known and liked. That, in my book, is an enormous talent.
Thea said:
Stephanie is hysterical and brilliant. I am not yet a knitter but I do have a special fondness for her free listening to her talk at Squam.
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