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At long last, this Thursday marks the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year or, for the optimists in our midst, the day our planet begins to tilt back towards the us folks in the northern hemisphere a little bit more light each day. Even with the most glorious extended fall weather we've had here in North Carolina...I am ready.

In her SouLodge, Pixie Campbell has been preparing us all for this year's solstice with a ceremony to release what hasn't been serving us in 2011 (or perhaps for far longer that that). As she puts it, she is encouraging us to be advocates for ourselves, and with the support of a circle perhaps both real and virtual, we can set ourselves free from some of the burdents that keep us from becoming our best selves...our fears, our insecurities, the shadows that block our light.

Come this Thursday evening, Bryan and I have a plan to sit in front of our fire and spend a little time reflecting on the past year, we've had challenges we've faced together and alone that I'm eager to put to rest. I have bundles at the ready for us to fill and toss into the flames to be transformed into the intentional practices I want to invite into 2012. I hope you'll join us all! *m


What is The Mother of All Releasings Ceremony?

Who: YOU, and if you wish, your circle, tribe, family, or village.

What: A fire ceremony, to release the old year and shift up into the new.

Where: In your backyard firepit, on a bonfire beach, around your fireplace, (even in your kitchen sink if you can make it scout-safe with a fireproof container).

When: Winter Solstice, December 22nd, 2011.

Why: We release what no longer serves us on the Winter Solstice, because it is the darkest day of the year. We let go so that we can step freely into what is waiting for us, as the light begins to grow brighter with each day. We're doing it as an extended community to raise the energy level of letting go, together!

How: Make a releasing bundle. Gather friends and family around a hearth (or do this in sacred solitary), set the bundle safely aflame, and let the alchemical element of fire transform the old, as it knows how to do so well. Feast on Solstice treats and celebrate the return of the light. 

2012 is a powerful year to shake it out and let the old ways go, stepping fully into creative self-expression and abundant support for our dreams from All That Is. It is a time for visionaries to create reality.


Pixie is the Earth Mother guide so many of us crave..the one that gives us permission to listen to the wild calls of our deepest intuitive selves. She is bringing her SouLodge work to Squam this year with SquamLodge. Offerred in both Spring and Fall, it's a chance to sit in the circle of her wisdom and journey into the sub-conscious layers of our selves.





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Jen said:
I love this,.... and I was also thinking my bundle will probably be the size of a king size comforter ! The thought of releasing bundles all on the very same day is a a powerful one to me...

elizabeth said:
ha ha ha jen "king size comforter" !!

you crack me--- and? makes me feel better about my ottoman sized bundle. xoox
Jen Gray said:
Guess we are going to have to build ourselves a mighty big Bonfire before we bundle toss... xo
clair said:
I love this - I used to do this ritual but haven't for a long time - thanks for sharing it - its simple yet powerful and beautiful - love love love it - Miss you squamies and hope to be back some time - it has been a dooooozy of a year for my family - lost my grandmother (I wrote some of you about that) and Dec 10 lost my guitar player in my band - he was 43 - blood disease - I am in letting go mode - happy solstice all xo

pixie said:
I hear you, women. My little satchel of herbs and slips of paper keeps outgrowing itself. 2012 is going to be such a big creative year...full expression is rising up to meet us :) Thank you for this.
michelle said:
i am so, so sorry to hear about your losses this year and know how heavy the burden of grief is...PIXIE said something in her video that has stayed with me "we dont' have to hold it all in, we don't have to carry it all" -- i hope it gives you some solace and helps you to release during this ceremony.

PIXIE - thank you for creating this intentional act and communal space with which to do it!

clair said:
Thank you dear Michelle - Yes, I have had many beautiful opportunities to "unburden" this load - the community has really rallied and created a beautiful and safe container for our collective and individual sadness at this loss of the physical life of this beautiful soul. It's been a journey, as is life, and my heart continues to expand to be able to be with this experience - overall making me more whole - blessings and thank you for your kind words - HO and namaste, dear one, c
susie said:
I love the new timely! Thank you for being beacons of beautiful light...jen...elizabeth...michelle...pixie. Happy releasing!
Hugs to you all!
Mary Beth said:
Releasing - yes! I soooo needed to hear this right now.
Very powerful, thank you for sharing this wonderful video. And Pixie, well, what can I saw - you are such a gift :)
michelle said:
SUSIE & MARY happy to see your names pop up! the closer we get, the more i want to put in the bundle...i'm ready to feel freeeeee, aren't you?....... love to you both! xo
Karen D said:
my hobo girl sized bundle is ready to go... lots to release, ready to make some room for new growth..
love to you all soul sisterx

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