a juicy video!

hello! i have a juicy little video for you today...bryan and i got all productive on new years day and decided to shoot me making juice for us!

let me start by saying that i'm certainly not a daily juicer...i go through fits and starts. i feel really good when i'm doing it, but i can get knocked off track by some bump in my lifestyle. it happens. it's a practice, and i love that juicing is 100% more a part of my life than it was a year ago -- even if that means i'm only juicing a few times a week.

juicing, to me, is a supplement as i find it better and easier than taking vitamins. i don't replace my meals with it, but as i like to think that i can get all my nutrition by eating well and staying close to the original source of the nutrients, this helps. i'm not sure if that is really possible, but i try really hard to eat well, colorfully, and balanced with my protein, carbs and fats. i've also noticed a big change in my meatabolism as i've moved north of 40, and juicing helps me to feel more full so i make better choices for breakfast and lunch.

i share all of this today as i think many of us made commitments to doing better for ourselves with the new year...and i hope this inspires you to get colorful in the kitchen!

here is the RECIPE I used in the video...

1-3 beets (depending on the size)
2-3 green apples (depending on the size)
1 lemon
1 inch or so of ginger

i learned this recipe from the cute juice guy at this health food store in frisco, colorado this summer. i've also seen it done with carrots, and i'll often use it as a base and add other things (cucumbers, peppers, etc) that may not be enough for a salad or might go bad before i can use them elsewhere. 

you can compost the remnants and when i've done carrot, pepper, parsley & apple juice i used the leftovers in stock for soup! it wasn't a clear stock, but it tasted really good.

also, my juicer is a simple little Waring Pro JEX328, I saw it on Amazon today for $48.

and the music is the stuanton lick by lemon jelly.


oh! and coincidentally...i noticed on instagram this morning that susannah (who is teaching at squam by the sea!) enjoyed a beet-based juice today too! she is doing a little giveaway over on her blog of one of our *m is for magic* squam teacups! head on over there and tell us what makes YOU magic!




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celisa said:
juice it up girl! i made a delicious one this morning!

we'll have to remember to bring a juice to the next outer banks retreat! fun fun! :)

(i especially loved the eyebrow raise....and the "juicy lips" touch...hehe.
Christine said:
Oh Michelle...will I look half as beautiful and radiant as you do in this video if I drink my juice everyday?

If so...I am sold!
anne henning said:
alright Michelle. i think you just turned 16. love this.
you sold me. just what i like. really. i'm gonna do it.
good job Bryan.

Crissy said:
Love it! My two fave things about the video:
1) Beet moustache!
2) That you're using a juicer that costs $50! Everyone I know who juices has these super expensive models that, to me, is a bit intimidating for something I don't know if I'll stick with.

I'm looking forward to more Michelle videos!
p.s. What did you use to video? Videocamera? Video feature on camera? iPhone? The quality is great!

*michelle said:
oh i'm so happy you all are enjoying it!

let me know if you try it or if you have any other good recipes, i'd love to know more!

ANNE so good to see you here!
CRISSY - thank you, and I KNOW, i was thinking about buying some $200 machine and just couldn't get stoked about the investment into something I wasn't sure i would do regularly. perhaps the serious juice proponents would say this one isn't doing it perfectly, or i'm missing out on something using this kind of machine, but for me, for now, i know i'm getting way more veggie goodness that i would otherwise and that's got to be worthwhile.
jen gray said:
i just want to come to your house and watch YOU make juice!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox
Eileen said:
I love, love, love this! Never even thought about making juice, and now I I'm going to go dream about gorgeous purple beverages. :) And yah - you totally rocked the video . . . so much fun!
michelle gd said:
can i just say how adorable you are?!
i too am loving the idea of a less expensive juicer. i've been doing green smoothies here and there in my blender, afraid to make a big [and expensive] leap into the land of juicing. your video has given me a little nudge in a new [less expensive] direction...i am so all-or-nothing sometimes...sigh.
thanks for sharing this fabulous video. love the way you spent your new year's day...
*michelle said:

i am SO happy that this helped some of you make the leap...drink your veggies! hee - i think kris carr said that! her crazy sexy diet book has some great juice recipes...

Michelle F. said:
Oh Michelle, you are so lovely :-) Add me to the list of people you helped make the leap. I too have been stewing over whether to get an expensive juicer (I tend to be a go big or go home kind of gal), but was worried it might end up in a cabinet somewhere. Now, my waring juicer is on its way!
Jennifer said:
Oh my goodness...this was such a beautiful video! I loved every moment of you. Thank you Michelle for sharing this with all of us.
Susannah Conway said:
you are SUCH a cutie - more videos please! and yes -- juices are so wonderful and apart from anything else you just feel so *virtuous* when you've made the effort to make one ;-) I put an inch of ginger in mine this morning -- learnt the hard way that TWO inches of ginger renders the juice undrinkable - ha!
sarah said:
this is freakin' awesome. made me smile, laugh and crave juice after a gray, cold new england day. move over giada, (that food network lady), here comes michelle! it was just too cute! i love how it was shot, the sweet music, the healthy inspiration and the star of the show... it was super! more videos! yay! xoxo
Tiffanie said:
I JUST got a juicer this week and have been looking for some practical, real juicing recipes that would taste good.

Thanks for sharing! I will be trying this :)
barefootmama said:
This is great! Thanks for sharing:)))
Thea said:
Love seeing you! More videos! Trey loves fresh juice. I keep throwing part of my juicer away with the pulp-need to buy new one.
*michelle said:
SUSANNAH - that's so true! the virtuous feelings are a pleasant side effect...hee!

Thank you ALL for your sweet thoughts...it was fun!

Pat Lattimore said:
Your video is terrific! Why don't you have your own cooking show on TV??? I've started juicing, but never thought of beets or lemon juice. I'm going to have to try your recipe.
tingle said:
omg. you are the cutest and i just realized i miss you more when i hear your voice and see you right there, so close!!! that beet mustache totally made it for me. have my beets ready to juice today. i've been lax since before the holidays but i'm inspired again! thanks. xo
stefanierenee said:
omg, you are so cute! i loved this video and I haven't been a juicer but with all the images on instagram and this video might have pushed me over the edge to get one! xx
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