a field of thanks

There's a song going round and round in my head this week, and it just won't quit:

my morning jacket
, I'm Amazed

I cannot begin to tell you how incredible it is that people rallied with so much love and generosity to Alena's aid.  The $1700 to pay her hospital bills was met in just a matter of hours and the donation is now closed.

THANK you.  THANK you.

I'm amazed-- this community just blows me away.  It really does.  I don't know how we all found each other, but I am so profoundly grateful that we have.  It has been an incredible week, an historic week.

Sometimes it's enough to sit with the feeling of glorious astonishment-- and that is what I am doing right now.  And, gratitude.

Such a full heart of gratitude.

bisous, e



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Gerri Smalley said:
oh, what a blessing...
michelle gd said:
this feels so very good :)
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