oh so succulent

I've been chomping at the bit to start working in the garden again, but since I have to wait until we are clear from the possibilties of frost, Ive been doing some indoor gardening. Let's just say seashells and succulents can be very satisfying...

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before & after

I knew these two pieces still had a lot of life left in them and I knew Lauren was just the person to whip these puppies into shape. And damn, if the girl didn't do just fine.

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it's spring

signs of spring are more subtle here at the beach where our dominant colors are the tan of sand and bodies, and the blue of sky and water. green sometimes feels like an afterthought...yellow, a bit of frosting.

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like a breeze blowing deep beneath my skin

What I like are family gatherings that have nothing to do with exchanging presents or fulfilling obligations.  What I like is the opportunity to be together in an emotionally stripped down sort of way where an extraordinary opportunity for open, honest emotional exchange is created.  What I like is being called to the mat to pay attention, wake up, snap out of dull daily routines that keep us from feeling alive, awake, and engaged.

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Teacher Feature: Caroline Wright

Providence, Paris and Austin, Texas-- hmm, Caroline Wright seems to spend her life in some of my favorite places.  And, when she left Providence for Paris her intent was to focus on fashion design, but she ended up living with a group of artists from all over the world (as part of an arts collective project) in an abandoned state building in Belleville.  Okay, that sounds like WAY too much fun.  How utterly cool.  (Am officially wishing I had done that when I left college.  Oh well . . .)

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sweet & sweeter

Go on-- check it out. 
Or wait, ask me how I feel about the fact that more people in more places can enjoy squam magic without having to interrupt their weekly schedules and get on a plane or take their clothes off for security (not that I'm against taking your clothes off, I just think there are more fun places to do it and not to say you have to wear clothes while you do an online workshop-- hell!  That's even more part of the fun, no?).

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